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Angell Springs Special Service District was created June 6, 1994 by resolution of Washington County to provide water and other future services to it's service area.

The District is a political subdivision and operates as an independent special district under Utah law.

It is located near the town of LEEDS, UT.

The District is governed by a Board of Trustees.  District government is vested in Board of Trustees, which is the governing body of the District and an Administrator appointed by the Board (U.C.A 17A-2-308)

The Board is composed of five (5) Trustees appointed for a four year term, staggered in the initial term, pursuant to Utah law (U.C.A. 17A-1-305), and constitutes the policy making body of the District.

Generally speaking, the Board exercises all powers and duties in the operation of the properties of the District as are ordinarily exercised by the governing body of a political subdivision, and has the final responsibility and authority in the administration of the affairs of the District.

The Administrator of the District is appointed by the Board to administer the policies of the Board and to manage the day-to-day operations and affairs of the District.


Chairperson: Karen Blenkinship

Co-Chairperson: Greg Maranto

Treasurer: Kenton Arbon

I/T & Communications: Tony Hundal 

Clerk: Jean Wojtyla


Water Master: Shawn Bain

Cross Connection Control Program Administrator: Martin Mathis

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